Our Vision & Core Values

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is for Central Kids to be a safe place where kids ages up to 5th grade feel comfortable and are excited to be in community with each other. I want to offer opportunities each month to connect them with God, their community and with each other.

Our Core Values

We support families in the spiritual development of children by providing opportunities for worship, faith development, fellowship, and service together.

2018/2019 Goals

   Grow Central Kids in their faith through:

     – meaningful Sunday School

     – Kids Worship programming

     – Lenten and Advent programs

     – Participation in worship services

   For Central Kids to:

     – have a basic understanding of the Christian Calendar

     – be able to explain or recite a total of 5 bible stories or scripture verses

     – be an acolyte and able to tell us an acolyte’s purpose

   For “Central Kids” to become branded/known as Children’s Programming at Central

   Growth Overtime (23 Kids as of August 2018)

   Kids at Play monthly programs (12 programs)

   Kids in Mission Bi-Monthly Projects (6 missions supported)

   Host VBS for Central Kids and community

   Engage in a multi-church event

   For Central Kids to have an understanding of Stewardship & for at least 1 to engage in systematic giving


To Learn More
Ginger Hightower, Director of Children’s Ministries
ghightower@centralumcmonroe.org or 704-289-3186