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Alliance for Children 5-Star NC Pre-K Program 

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Meet the Staff
Director, Erica Nations
Cook & Custodian, Maria Mendoza
Translator & Floater, Elia Vasquez
Bus Driver, Miriam Valentin

Meet the Teachers
Cheerful Cheetahs – Leslie Ketchum & Renee Totherow
Outstanding Owls – Helen Chandler & Kris Moon
Zany Zebras – Carol Hill & Amanda Abee

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Weekday Director – Mrs. Erica
Translator – Mrs. Elia
Cook – Mrs. Maria
Bus Driver – Mrs. Mirian
Zany Zebras – Mrs. Hill Mrs. Abee
Cheerful Cheetahs – Mrs. Ketchum Mrs. Totherow
Outstanding Owls – Mrs. Chandler Mrs. Moon

From The Alliance for Children Website

The North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program is a free, high quality program designed to enhance school readiness for eligible four-year-old children. The program is built on the National Education Goals Panel’s premise that to be successful academically in school, children need to be prepared in all five of the developmental domains that are critical to children’s overall well-being and success in reading and math as they enter school. NC licensed teachers provide developmentally appropriate play-based instruction to help children strengthen and learn a variety of skills.

Numerous studies have shown that students who participate in a high quality pre-kindergarten program are more likely to succeed in grades K-12 and throughout their lives.  Union County NC Pre-K teachers use Conscious Discipline® and Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning to help children develop their social, emotional and self-regulation skills. There are many free tools for parents on these websites: www.ConsciousDiscipline.com and csefel.vanderbilt.edu. These tools can help you learn to support your young children’s behavior at home as well.


Weekday is an Equal Opportunity Provider 

To Learn More
Erica Nations, Director of Weekday Children’s Ministries
weekday@centralumcmonroe.org or 704.289.5244