Kermit and Janie Starnes Scholarship

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Scholarship Questions • Ken Haigler – 704.661.3316
Application Questions • Ginger Hightower – 704.207.3349

Through the generosity of the Starnes Family, the youth of Central have been the recipients of 97 scholarships totaling $672,000 since 2013.  Scholarships are available to active youth of Central who are committed to growing in their faith while furthering their education. The Starnes Scholarship is available to eligible* members of Central (high school seniors and undergraduate students).

How to Apply

1. Complete the “Intent to Apply” form at (available February 22, 2019) 1
2. Your application will be sent to you via an email link – On March 1, 2019, or within two days of receiving your “Intent to Apply” after March 1.
3. You will have the option to make any edits or adjustments to your application up until the deadline.
4. Your application link will be accessible until the deadline of April 15, 2019 at 5:00pm.
5. An interview will be scheduled with the Starnes Committee after your application has been reviewed.
6. The decision of the committee will be sent via letter no later than the week of May 20, 2019.
7. Your attendance is required at the Youth Sunday Scholarship presentation during the 11:00 worship service on June 2nd.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Application must be received by the deadline.
2. Maintained cumulative GPA of 2.5
3. Transcripts must be submitted after each semester.
4. Full-time student status of no less than 12-hours per semester.
5. Applicants should be active at Central for a minimum of one year prior to application.
6. Scholarship eligibility is limited to 8 semesters and are not available for summer school.
7.Those looking at Study Abroad semesters require committee approval.

2019 Scholarship Committee            

Chairperson, Ken Haigler
Vice Chairperson, Jody Jennings
Finance Representative, Dean Davidson
Trustee Representative, Matt Gustafson
Children’s Ministries, Ginger Hightower
Senior Minister, Danny Leonard
Youth Ministries , Julie Miles
At Large, Susan Radford       

Note(s): Failure to comply with all guidelines above will disqualify applicant’s submission. All information requested by the scholarship committee on this application is confidential. Edibility and the scholarship amount is at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

1 Scholarships are annual and must be applied for each school year

Edited January 17, 2019